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Direct Drive Blower Applications

When working on a direct drive blower unit please follow all safety procedures. Make sure that power is shut off at circuit breaker.
The motor is attached to the blower housing by a mounting bracket. The motor shaft is attached to the blower wheel with at least one set screw. Please notice that the set screw is attached to the flat part of the shaft, this is important when re-installing. The set screw(s) must be loosened and the bolts attaching the mounting bracket to the housing must be removed before the motor is taken out of the assembly. The shaft will almost certainly be difficult to remove from the blower wheel. Some sort of penetrant should be applied where the shaft enters the wheel hub. Try to turn the shaft with a crescent wrench to loosen. Please take care when removing the wheel. Do not pound on the shaft with a hammer to remove as the shaft will mushroom and be virtually impossible to remove. If you have great difficulty, feel free to bring the entire blower unit into our shop where we can assist you.
Direct Drive Blower Applications - Belt Drive in Portland, OR
Motor information that we need over the phone:
  • Horsepower
  • RPM
  • Voltage
  • Amperage
  • # Speeds
  • Rotation (specify shaft end or opposite shaft end)
  • Manufacturer name (complete unit and motor)
  • Motor model number if possible
Fan Blade information that we need over the phone:
  • Wheel diameter
  • Wheel width
  • Shaft size
  • Rotation (determined from hub side of wheel)
  • Center plate of wheel concave or convex?
Parts that we can provide for this application:
Motor, wheel, housing, entire blower assembly, capacitor, mounting bracket (most cases), mounting rings (most cases)